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Our Meals

The Wild Hare’s meals are unique. Cooked fresh every week, by professional chefs. The meats are from animals that are outdoor reared, on grass, the poultry from high welfare farms, and all our British farmers are focused on sustainability and environmentally-friendly objectives that The Wild Hare Group set.

Using old-fashioned cuts, as we feel these ooze flavour. There’s an emphasis on British grown ancient grains such as barley, spelt, and quinoa, which are not modified or refined but are nutritionally rich and good for digestion, lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar. There are no emulsifiers, preservatives or other chemicals in our dishes, and the food lasts really well, just because it’s never frozen and is delivered fresh to store.

British Chicken Dhal
with lemon, ginger & spinach
British Red Wine Braised Chuck Steak
with smoked pancetta & buttered mash
Butternut Squash Curry
with spinach & chickpeas in a coconut sauce served with quinoa
British Chicken Thighs
in a creamy tarragon & mushroom sauce, served with spelt grain
Slow Braised British Beef
with mushrooms & butternut squash served with creamy pearl barley rissoto
Cauliflower & Chickpea Dhal
with lemon, ginger & spinach
Shepherd's Pie
with a delicious twist- using a root vegetable mash
Cheesy Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower
with British puffed quinoa and barley flakes

The Ben & Poppy Range

Nutrition for kids is based on the same priciples as for adults. We all need the good stuff, just children need them in differing amounts. Our children's range is recommended for kids from 4 – 10 yr olds. Then move them on to our adult range. As we never cook in high saturated fats or high levels of salts and sugars. This range then works great for the older hungry child.

Launching in 2021!

Our Story

Dominie is a keen cook, who loves teaching her young children to cook too, but sometimes life’s just too hectic to make family meals from scratch each night. Looking for a healthy alternative but failing to find fresh and convenient ‘ready meals,’ she decided to produce some herself.

Dominie studied the environment at University writing her dissertation on the environmental impacts of plastics, she’s always been a foodie with an interest in sustainability. Initially she pursued her passion for cooking by working in hospitality, including serving at garden parties at Buckingham palace and working in kitchens across London.

Latterly and for many years, she worked with construction businesses, managing sustainable supply chains. It was time for change, she wanted to play a positive part in reducing climate change. She believed that if everyone tasked themselves with one key aim, and became more responsible with the use of plastics and burning of fossil fuels, then we, together, could preserve our natural world. Inspired by a local farmer friend who specialises in grass-fed meat and determined to find a way to produce fresh convenience foods using nutritious, natural and fully-traceable ingredients, she set on her way to producing Fresh, Nutritious, Sustainable ready meals.

Anthony - Our Creative Chef

Our Creative Chef

Anthony’s back story is as classically trained chef with a ‘Michelin’ pedigree and a passion for all things foodie. He is a highly creative chef with his own unique style and flair!

For more than 18 years Anthony has owned and operated The Kitchen at Farnborough, a unique and self- styled Country Eating House focusing on amazing Seasonal British Produce, growing much themselves and sourcing directly from the bountiful local countryside showcasing Britain’s produce, at its best, a haven for foodies.

As co-founder and Creative Director of Indulgence Boutique Hospitality, Anthony and his wife and business partner Jo, have been responsible for creating one of the most highly respected independent SME Caterers in the UK working in both the private and corporate markets.

As a Hospitality Consultant over the past ten years, Anthony has helped bring to market and further develop new and established businesses across the Country.

Anthony works with our team here at The Wild Hare to help create our own unique identity and place in the market, enhancing our reputation through our new food ranges.


Our Values

Our Vision - To create future proof British supply chains that produce a positive impact on the local farming economy and the natural world







Distributed by Cotswold Fayre & Blackwoods foods

Found in

  • Selfridges London
  • Tebay Services
  • Budgens (Dulwich & Belsize)
  • Burford Garden Centre
  • Fosseway Garden Centre
  • Wholefoods
  • Blackwoods Food Service
  • Cress & Co
  • Fillet & Bone
  • Root 2 Market
  • Weezy